About 13 percent of the student body had signed up for online learning last week just before the first day of school.

Assistant superintendent Jody Goodroe told the school board at last week’s board meeting that there were 315 elementary students, 210 middle school students and 82 high school students enrolled in online learning as of that afternoon. He said the administration had been flexible in allowing parents to move their children to online learning past the deadline. Superintendent Michael Williams said that still left about 87 percent of the student body planning to show up for face-to-face learning on the first day of school.

Goodroe said the administration has been working hard to train teachers and staff and that electronic devices were being handed out to students as quickly as possible. He noted that a parent or guardian signature was required for the student to take the device home.

Williams said he thinks Goodroe, Assistant Superintendent Amanda Wommack and their teams have done a fabulous job preparing staff or the new safety procedures and guidelines and for the online learning component.

BOE chair Dr. Robert Hooper agreed, saying he thinks Madison County is in a good place with their start up plans for school and that the school system is in a good place to handle whatever may happen as the school year progresses. He also thanked Williams for his hard work leading the school system.

Wommack told the board that SPLOST financials for July were another record amount — $232,476 — compared to the $191,297 that came in in July 2019.

She said the system is starting with 26 new employees this year, compared to 86 new employees at the start of last year. She noted that some bus drivers and some parapros had chosen to resign due to COVID concerns, which has left some vacancies they are working to fill.

She said the electrostatic misting of classroom would begin immediately after school started, bottle filler stations were to be installed and all schools have start up supplies of masks, PPE, Lysol wipes and sprays and that plexi-glass shields were also in place.

Walk through temperature scanners and handheld thermometers are also being utilized.

Wommack noted that 51,008 emergency meals were served and delivered from March through May after schools were closed due to COVID-19.

She said sanitizer dispensers have been installed on all buses. She noted that the transportation department has worked very hard to make sure our students have the safest form of transportation.

She thanked both the school nutrition departments and the transportation departments for their hard work.

Finally, the board approved an amendment to the sale of the 55 Mary Ellen Court property (old school board office). The amendment agrees that the buyer, MDS – Madison LLC (Don E. Chandler) was to deposit $5,000 in earnest money to the seller’s (school system) account and that closing on the property will occur on Aug. 31.


Board members approved the following personnel recommendations at its regular business meeting Tuesday night.

•Central – They hired Kristen Brock to replace payroll and benefits specialist C. Coile. They also hired Thomas Hart as a maintenance tech and Kori Minish as a finance/pay/benefit administration.

•Comer – They added additional After School duties for Charity Best, Ashley Maddox and Christa Ramsey.

•Hull-Sanford – They hired Kaylan Marlowe to replace parapro Yuri Flores.

•Ila – They added additional After School duties for Kam Bennett and hired Katlyn Cromer and Jessica Adams as new After School workers.

•For information – Full time bus drivers Christy Alewine and Carol Barnes resigned. Cheryl George was moved from full-time sub driver to full-time driver. Carey Metts resigned as a part-time bus driver but will remain as a substitute and trip driver. Diane Vanderford resigned as a parapro but will continue as a bus driver. Kim McElroy cancelled her agreement to serve as a long-term sub at the middle school.


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