Madison County Superintendent Michael Williams has announced that Madison County schools will remain closed through April 13.

Here is Williams' letter to school staff announcing the decision:

Good Evening MC Team,

After watching Governor Kemp's press conference today, I have decided that we will close school until Monday April 13. We have Spring Break scheduled for the week of April 6-10. I will continue to monitor the Covid 19 situation. There has been a confirmed case in Madison County.

Also, in order to stay within in the guidelines the Governor announced today, (a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people), we will work out of 5 schools (MCHS, Ila, Comer, Hull/Sanford, Colbert) the remainder of this week to prepare lunches for our students. In an effort to take appropriate precautions, we will have our nurses check the temperature of those working and distribute gloves and masks, we will also only have 3 cafeteria workers per school and 2 bus drivers on the bus. My heart aches and I am sad to report this will be last week of meal delivery for the time being. We are looking into the possibility of a meal pick up plan, but do not have anything scheduled as of now. No meals will be prepared for the week of Spring Break. I appreciate the efforts by so many to provide our students with food, however, I must consider the safety of our staff and community. This infection has spread rapidly.

I know that teachers would like to get into buildings for additional items or materials, but at this time, all buildings will be closed until April 13. I will send an announcement out if this changes. The buildings have been disinfected and do not want any contamination.

At this time, extra curricular activities will also be cancelled until April 13!

I also realize that you would like to see your students, please do not assemble a caravan or follow buses along the meal delivery route. This will increase traffic and increase the risk of accidents. You could use other avenues to check on your students. I know you miss their smiling faces but until this situation declines we must take appropriate measures.

If you have questions or concerns please email me or contact your direct supervisor.

I appreciate your understanding during this difficult time!

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