New Shiloh station

The Shiloh Community Volunteer Fire Department has a new 60’ x 38’ four-bay station that will house a fire engine, tanker and brush truck.

The Shiloh Community Volunteer Fire Department now has a new fire station, thanks to citizens' donations and Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funds approved in 2014.

The 2014 SPLOST yielded about $75,000 for each volunteer fire department in Madison County. Many of the departments have used those funds for new equipment and replaced fire trucks to better serve Madison County communities. Shiloh Community VFD recently used approximately $63,000 of their SPLOST funds along with about $40,000 of citizens’ donations to replace the old 18’ x 30’ single-bay Station 2 with a new 60’ x 38’ four-bay station that will house a fire engine, tanker and brush truck.

This new station will provide for quicker response times within the eastern areas of the Shiloh Fire Protection district. The new station was entirely paid for with SPLOST funds and donations received by Shiloh VFD from residents of that district. “If we didn’t receive citizen donations and SPLOST funds, we would not be able to provide adequate fire protection services to our communities,” said Shiloh officials. “SVFD would like to thank all of the voters of Madison County for approving the SPLOST in 2014 and all of the residents of the Shiloh Community who make cash donations, come to cakewalks, and attend hotdog sales for their support.

Shiloh VFD is always looking for citizens interested in becoming volunteer firefighters. For more information, contact Shiloh Chief Butch McDuffie at 706-340-0000 or email him at


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