Darrious Showers

Darrious Showers

Darrious Showers pleaded guilty Thursday in Madison County Superior Court to the 2019 murder of retired Marine veteran Samuel David Jordan.

Jordan was shot multiple times in the yard of a home at 323 Woodale Street in Hull on May 26, 2019.

Showers received a life sentence and will be in prison until at least 2049. The guilty plea was accepted by Superior Court Judge R. Chris Phelps.

Showers' brother, Dykell Dentavious Showers, was also indicted for the murder of Jordan. He has pleaded not guilty.

Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Parks White said the resolution was made after consultation with the victim's family.

“Mr. Showers, who had a criminal history that included six counts of aggravated assault for a drive by shooting perpetrated in Athens, apologized to the victim's family, accepted responsibility for his actions, and was sentenced by Superior Court Judge R. Chris Phelps to life Imprisonment for felony murder and aggravated assault,” said White.

The DA presented Madison County investigator Doug Martin with a “Hammer of Justice” award for serving as lead investigator on the case.

“This resolution would not have been possible without the hard work of Inv. Doug Martin of the Madison County Sheriff's Office, SA Patrick Burton, SA Nick Johnson, and SAC Jesse Maddox of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,” said White. “These extraordinary officers put their lives on the line every day. It is a pleasure to work with them in the endless fight for justice.”


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