The sticker shock last week was a bit of déjà vu for many Madison County property owners.

Local property assessments skyrocketed in 2022 due to inflated values in the housing market and, well, the same is true in 2023.


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William Brookover

So the article from August 4 2022 where they discussed rolling back the mill rate. Also was discussed that they were going to have a free stuff out school supplies out which actually happened this year which I. The other thing that I always see about the board of education in the county board is it's like there's always something missing in the facts. August 2022 they rolled back the mill rate what was that now this year they've got everything jacked up it increased most property owners taxes up at least 50%. You're forcing people who have already had their home hasn't been sold you're letting the real estate market control our taxes. Just because other people are willing to pay three four five six hundred thousand dollars for a home that isn't worth $150 or $200,000 isn't our problem until the county tries to gouge us. I had to go out in front of my house and clean up 410 ft of right away ditch after the county got done butchering the trees out front. I've had to do that three times in the 10 years I've lived here. This year there was a chunk of wood over a footlong 4 in in diameter that landed in my front yard 100 ft away. Earlier this year didn't I read an article from the school board how they were over budget was it like 14 million dollars or more. So my taxes so I get hit for another $1,000 a year. Every meeting in almost every article people in this county talk about bringing business in. You're not going to bring any decent business into this county cuz you've got too many whiners they all want business but they don't want it in our backyard. It's like a modern three little bears story. Too much light too much news noise too many trucks too much dust it smells you use all our well water. You don't think business people read go back and research and read the newspapers and stuff before they move to an area.

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