BOE meets

Madison County's Board of Education conducts business Oct. 8. Pictured (L-R) are Angie McGinnis, Byron Lee, Brenda Moon, Cindy Nash, chairman Robert Hooper and superintendent Michael Williams.

Madison County school officials celebrated the recent release of the system’s highest-ever graduation rate at 94.64 percent in 2018. And school superintendent Michael Williams offered more graduation numbers Oct. 8.

“This is the highest it’s ever been; that is a huge accomplishment and I’m proud of the students, staff, parents and community,” he said.

Other numbers he cited Tuesday are as follows:

•318 out of 336 students graduated.

•The county’s grad rate was 12 percent higher than the state average.

•The system was 25th out of 179 Georgia systems.

•The county grad rate was in the top 14 percent in the state.

•Madison County's grad rate was slightly higher than Forsyth County. Williams noted that Forsyth County had 17.2 percent of its students on free and reduced lunch rates last year. Madison County’s free and reduced lunch rate was 61.2 percent for the system.

•Madison County had the highest grad rate for Hispanic students in the region, 42 out of 43 students, 97.7 percent.

•Madison County had the second-highest grad rate in the region for students with disabilities, 84.3 percent, 43 out of 51 students.

•Madison County’s students with disabilities subgroup outperformed the state’s all students subgroup by two percent.

•All Madison County race/ethnicity subgroups had graduation rates at or above 90 percent.

•Madison County’s economically disadvantaged subgroup had a 90.06 graduation rate, 154 out of 171 students.


In other business Tuesday, Williams spoke of the importance of the Nov. 5 referendum before county voters, who will say “Yes” or “No” to renewing a one-cent sales tax for a variety of county improvements. He said the sales tax is a fair tax and that the county’s failure to pass it will require commissioners to seek revenues elsewhere.

Assistant superintendent of business and operations Amanda Wommack reported that sales tax revenues were up this past month by $9,000. She said the current school enrollment for the system Pre-K through 12th grade is 4,907.


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