Gena Parham

Gena Parham is the Madison County School System's "Support Person of the Year."

Gena Parham says being named Madison County’s Support Person of the Year for the school system was an honor and a blessing.

Parham is a secretary at Hull-Sanford Elementary School, a job she has performed for six years. Prior to that, she served as a paraprofessional for 11 years at the school working with kindergarten, first, third and fourth graders over the years.

“We are a real family here at Hull-Sanford,” Parham said. The school “planned” a walk through for school administration officials the day they surprised her with the announcement that she was named the Support Person for the entire school system. “I was so shocked,” she said. “It was a good surprise.”

Parham said she loves the variety of working in the office, noting that it’s the best of both worlds and that no two days are alike. “I get to interact with everyone; the kids, the parents, staff and visitors,” she said. “As a people person, that’s really enjoyable.”

Parham and her family are from Madison County, though she currently lives in Clarke County. She and her family are also busy planning for the wedding of her son, Chase.

Parham said she particularly wants to thank third grade teacher Jennifer Foster, who nominated her for Support Person of the Year at Hull-Sanford last year.

Foster said she had good reasons for nominating Parham, who is the “face” of Hull-Sanford.

“I have had the pleasure of working with her for 12 years in varying capacities,” Foster said. “Gena is such a kind-spirited soul. Students, staff, parents and other visitors always feel welcome when they see her or speak with her. She is a shining light in our school and we are blessed to have her a part of our ‘Husky pack.’ She is the perfect Support Person of the Year for the school district.”

Fellow front office secretary/registrar Stacey Gordon couldn’t agree more.

“A couple of words that describe Gena Parham are awesome, motivated, encouraging and delightful,” Gordon said. “Working side by side daily with Gena is always easy because she makes coming to work fun! She always greets the staff and parents with a smile and ‘what can I help you do.’ Nobody deserved the title of Support Person of the Year for the county more than Gena.”

Hull-Sanford Principal Theresa Bettis said Parham arrives at school “before the rooster crows” and accepts all the responsibilities she’s given with a smile and a joyful spirit.

“She just radiates love, kindness humility, patience, positivity and genuineness daily,” Bettis said. “She makes every day a great day to be a Husky and we are so proud to call her ‘ours!’”


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