A group of quilters at Trinity Baptist Church in Danielsville is sewing fabric face masks to help health care workers and members of the church with health conditions.

“We’ve surpassed the 100-mask mark and are still stitching,” said Trinity Church member Julie Strickland, who is sewing masks with Nancy Hill and Teresa Peters. “So that the quilters can stitch uninterrupted, we now have church members who are logistics coordinators and make sure the masks are delivered. We have other members who are finding the scare supplies needed to make these masks. I remember my great grandmother sharing stories of how she made bandages for the soldiers in WWII. This project kinda’ reminds me of that. It seems like everyone wants to help, they just don't know how sometimes.”

The effort began March 22. The group has been passing supplies on their front porches and at the church office. The masks are made of 100-percent cotton and 1/4" wide elastic, “which is becoming scarce quickly.” The group is also seeking 1/8” elastic.

“We sent out a Facebook request for elastic, asking people to look in their junk drawers while raiding their grandmother's sewing box,” said Strickland. “So far, we've given masks to healthcare workers and members of our church that are already at a health risk.”

Anyone who wants to make a donation can call the church office at 706-795-3718.

— The Madison County Journal is eager to publicize stories about how people are helping each other in Madison County during the coronavirus health crisis. If you have something you can share to the public about a good thing you are doing or something you’ve observed that has brightened your spirits, you can email me at zach@mainstreetnews.com.

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