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Two Colbert men were killed in separate accidents over the Thanksgiving holiday at the same intersection on Hwy. 72.

Randy Keith Woodruff Sr., 64, Colbert, died in a two-vehicle accident at approximately 7:08 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 28 on Thanksgiving night when he drove a 1998 Mitsubishi from Foote McClellan Road onto Hwy. 72 and into the path of a Chevrolet Suburban occupied by three people, who were treated for minor injuries, according to Madison County Coroner Julie Harrison.

Another accident happened less than 24 hours later at the same intersection on the Hardman Morris side of Hwy. 72. Thomas Lamar Palmer, 59, Colbert, was killed when he pulled his 1990 Chevrolet pickup into the path of a teenage driver traveling on Hwy. 72. That accident happened at 5:49 p.m., Nov. 29. The teenager suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the incident.

Harrison said that both men who died in the wrecks were not wearing seat belts.


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Andy Golden

There needs to be more study of this intersection before more people are seriously hurt or killed. It needs to include GDOT, GSP and MCSO to come to an agreement to either install a traffic signal, reduce the speed limit through that area, and/or step up traffic patrol using stationary speed detection. The mere presence of a patrol vehicle may be all motorists need to see to persuade them to slow down.

The population on both sides of Hwy 72 in this area continues to outgrow the infrastructure that is a bit outdated. This intersection gets ridiculously congested during morning and afternoon rush hours for people going to work and school.

The 3 main issues with this intersection are:

#1 Motorists average 65-70+mph through that intersection on Hwy 72.

#2 The center of the median isn't wide enough for most vehicles to stop in and not have a front or rear bumper hanging in the East or West bound inside lanes. It's all or nothing to cross safely.

#3. When sitting at the stop sign on Foote McClellan Rd, the crest to the right, due to the raised median is just high enough that you cannot see that East bound 70mph vehicle until you're in the middle of the intersection.

I assume that it will take a family member of somebody high on the food chain getting seriously injured or worse before anything gets done. You would think us tax payers would have a voice about it.

John Carlucci

I totally agree. The vehicles driving on Hwy 72 generally are going way too fast and the visibility is limited. When nearing any economic corridor, speed limits should be dropped.

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