If you’re like me, as spring approaches, you suddenly find that life gets a whole lot busier. And a lot of that busy life – outside of jobs, kids and other daily responsibilities – gets crammed into the weekend. As the weather warms, days get longer and the sun shines, you begin to pick back up the various projects you abandoned as the days got short and cold. Spring cleaning, tilling up for the garden, house repairs; and along with all those projects come the extracurriculars like the kids’ soccer or baseball practice, school dances, cookouts with friends and family, and suddenly every town within a twenty-mile radius is having a festival. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds themselves doing a delicate juggling act every Friday through Sunday, trying to fit more weekend into the weekend.

Alas, that’s the beauty of spring. We finally thaw out enough to feel social again, to get out and move our bodies, and participate in things that bring us joy. If you do manage to keep a little free time this upcoming spring and are looking for fun, free and family-friendly activities to engage in, might I humbly suggest paying our local library a visit?

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