Dear Editor: (An open letter to Georgia Renewable Power President Steve Dailey.) Because of the threat of COVID-19, residents in Colbert are staying at home. We feel that we are being tortured because of the constant noise from your power plant. We are acutely aware of your operations, because when we try to relieve stress and anxiety by spending time outside we are forced to listen to all the racket GRP is producing.

So, I request that you mitigate the noise the plant is making. Immediately. Bulldozers, beeping trucks, alarms, whatever it is that sounds like an airplane is in my yard, dryers, the fan in the warehouse.

Our whole nation is on edge. Our family personally had to close two businesses and are under a tremendous amount of stress. Before the threat of COVID-19, I was furious with your operations. Now, I am stuck at home with no way out.

A good neighbor shows empathy and compassion. This would be a good time to hush up your engines and equipment and show our community that you value us more than money.


Gina Ward


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