Dear Editor: This is in response to concerns expressed by Julie Buffalo.

I was invited to hear how President Trump and his staff are rolling back regulations to help all Americans. Deregulation does not mean de-funding. It has to do with cutting red tape, promoting federalism and growing the economy. Some of the notable accomplishments include:

•Rolling back the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, which lifts burdens on farmers, ranchers and businesses

•Replacing the previous Administration's harmful fuel efficiency standards with the SAFE Vehicles Rule, which gives Americans access to safer and more affordable vehicles

•Ending an irrational rule that would have banned the incandescent light bulb

•Providing flexibility to America's truck drivers by updating Hours of Service Rules

•Ending the war on coal by repealing the Clean Power Plan

•Ending burdensome net neutrality rules that were limiting Internet freedom

•Rolling back red tape by expanding access to affordable health options

These and other regulatory reforms are saving American consumers, families, businesses, and workers precious time and countless dollars. The White House Council of Economic Advisors estimates that just 20 of President Trump's deregulatory policies will save U.S. consumers and businesses over $220 billion per year, boosting individual household incomes by $3,100 in the years ahead.

Please feel free to watch the President's remarks on the link below:

Thank you again for contacting me.


Theresa Bettis

Madison County District 3 Commissioner

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