Dear Editor: With the year 2020 visible in our rearview mirror we will hopefully move forward on the road to a better 2021.

Locally, elections in 2020 have opened up a great opportunity for Madison County to take that better road. With a new driver and two new members the Madison County BOC is now in a position to take the county forward in a way that leaves no one behind. Our new BOC Chairman Todd Higdon has said he wants everyone to have an equal part in the future of our county. I agree. That’s how county government should operate. Everyone on the same bus, not necessarily always agreeing, but always on the same road headed in the right direction. My hope for the new BOC is that they do more than just listen to their citizens. I hope that new BOC will actually hear what citizens are saying and once the citizens are heard I hope the new BOC will take the appropriate action and do the right thing. This would truly make 2021 a better year for all of us.

Here’s one thing the BOC could do to start down that better road. Rescind the August 2019 amendment to the noise ordinance making GRP exempt. This change gave GRP an unfair advantage in your citizen’s fight to protect their quality of life. Put us back on an equal footing with GRP. We’ll do the rest.


Drago Tesanovich

MCCPC Co-Chair

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