Dear Editor: Jimmy Terrell’s Jan. 30 column fired a full load of pellets that struck all the targets, hit all the hot buttons, poked at the sore spots and picked off the scabs. It was a typical Republican rant of the day, repeated by ever so many “Ever-Trumpers,” the ones that line up to lick the boots of their carrot-topped caudillo at every rowdy-boy racetrack red-cap rally.

Terrell’s label of Democratic goals as a dangled carrot trick on a workaday mule better describes Trump’s promised, but unreachable, reconquest of power from the voices of the 99 percent. That mythic, masculine memory of a long-time past moves further out the stick where those carrots swing, the further society’s cart rolls down the rocky road, to the open plains of inclusion, toward the verdant, level fields of fair play.

Jimmy’s dangling Democrat carrots are just high-hanging bunches of sour grapes. The beneficial fruits of progressive public action are well within reach, but the keepers of the vineyard have got to kick away their lobbyist-laden leg-irons that leaden every step and shorten every stride. They have to push away the underbrush and clear the path of stumps, before swinging wide the creaky gates that lead into the garden, where equality abides and where justice waits.


Jim Baird


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John Carlucci

Jim is right. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves. Republicans & Democrats are all Americans, and the current administration is purposely dividing us to keep us pre-occupied while they slip through policies that are not good for any of us. Case in point, the EPA roll backs that began when Trump took office in 2016. This opened the door for GRP to start burning creosote treated railroad ties in the Colbert Bio Mass power plant. Creosote burning was against the law until then, and it is still banned in most states. Now there is talk that the EPA will be rolling back the ban on Asbestos. Our politicians are supposed to represent all the people. Our economy is not booming. There have been many false promises and accusations, meanwhile the proof is in plain sight. Rents and housing prices have gone up nearly 30%, especially in the major US Cities. Wages have not kept pace. They boast record job creation, yet many of these jobs are part time second jobs people need to take on, just to pay the rent. I know full time office workers that are driving for Uber at nights and weekends and they still cannot pay their bills. The Trump administration has no real plan for an affordable healthcare program, and now we are told they will reduce medicare & social security benefits? They will stop protections for pre-existing conditions? The country has record high deficits. This is because the tax cuts for the rich only benefited the rich. They did not take those savings & create more jobs. They bought back stock options, creating more wealth for themselves. Jobs were still eliminated & outsourced overseas. This administration has had more cabinet members convicted of crimes than any in history. While the right blames Hollywood liberals for the moral decline of America, let us not forget that Trump is a reality TV star, the epitome of the Hollywood Celebrity. Many of us are frustrated with Washington DC and hoped for leaders with new and different ideas. However, we did not want lawlessness. Fixing trials, pardoning criminals & taking revenge on honest citizens just because they spoke the truth that the administration does not want us to hear, is wrong and Un-American. Actions speak louder than words. It's not what they say that counts. It's what they do, or don't do.

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