Dear Editor: For four plus years, Zach Mitcham, Scott Thompson, Margie Richards and Mike Buffington have written negative opinions on the Republican Party and anyone conservative.

The Democratic Party has changed drastically and is about to fall over the cliff to the left and take America with it. None of you have written anything about Democratic politicians and their unlawful, under-handed dealings, FBI coverups, the new President and his family’s use of his position. When those in power are above the law, the country is doomed. So, all of you are contributing to the fall of America. You need to write the facts and we the people will decide.

Joe Costyn made great comparisons between Democratic and Republican parties in the Feb. 4 Journal opinion page. The Republican policies of the last four years will run circles around Biden’s next four years. The United States will be in one heck of a fix and I and many others will blame Democrats. Biden has opened the southern border to all those who want to come to the promise land. I am for legalized immigration, not opening the gate to all. It is illegal, irresponsible and very bad for the country. How many executive orders has Biden signed now? I think he has signed enough to be labeled a ‘’dictator’’.

Why aren’t more of you conservative believers writing your opinions? I want to hear from you. You need to speak out people.


Gene Lurwig


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Margie Richards Staff
Margie Richards

I am quite flattered to be included with these three gentlemen whose skills as opinion writers I admire very much. These are our opinions; just as your letter shows, others are allowed to use the Opinion pages of this newspaper, and others, to express different views.

Virginia Moss

I'm an independent voter; I could go either way. ".... Democratic politicians and their unlawful, under-handed dealings ...." does not sway me. Real facts and proof does. Neither do conspiracy theories and lies no matter how dearly some may hold them. They strike me as threatening. Perhaps this faction of the Republican Party gets no written support because most reasonable Republicans of fiscal and personal responsibility reject this attempt to take over their party. Huge numbers have left the Republican Party because of these RINOs.

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