Dear Editor: First and foremost, the Public Service Commission of Georgia should respond to the needs of the people of Georgia. After all, this is a public service board. Our citizens deserve reasonable utility rates, decent Internet service throughout the state, and leaders who incorporate the protection of our natural resources into every decision about how and where we get our energy. We are a sun-filled state, full of opportunities for harvesting solar energy. We have young people ready and waiting to put their technological skills to use and farmers with plenty of open land to capture solar energy.

In the upcoming run-off election, voting for Daniel Blackman for Public Service Commission would be a step forward: Electing a person who is concerned about all Georgians and willing to put innovation to work. He is a man with heart, someone concerned deeply about fair access to safe energy.

In a recent public statement, the incumbent Bubba MacDonald stated fervently that he is “not a social worker.” In and of itself this is a rational claim: he sees his role as one that drives business interests.

Fortunately, Daniel Blackman does not separate these two interests. He sees the need for innovation, technology and resilient infrastructure to address the basic needs of our fellow human beings. In his view, businesses should benefit, but so should individual citizens. There is one big difference between the stances of MacDonald and Blackman.

Do we really want to continue to subsidize dangerous and costly power plants that are way beyond their budgets? And why do Georgians pay so much more for electricity compared to the national average? Do ordinary rural Georgians deserve access to the Internet that is dependable, affordable and consistent?

I urge everyone to vote for Daniel Blackman for Public Service Commissioner in this election. It is a vote for pursuing fair utility prices, good Internet service, and a commitment to public service, not special interests.


Michael Hill


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David Vogel


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