Dear Editor: (To Madison County Democrats) So it seems the current plan is to write glowing letters about how the wonderful Democrats are at doing exciting things to "cure" problems in our country.

Free speech is always appreciated, but is even better if you told the truth without spin. Are Republicans, [or as president Biden has called them, semi-fascists] the evil force that doesn't care about people or their problems? No, they aren't. However, they are too often sort of bland, and could do much better in uniting to address the real problems of our country, but they are not the evil force as described in your multiple letters.

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Kimberly McCannon

AMEN, Mr. Costyn !

Virginia Moss

Talk about spin, this letter sure twists some things around. Biden's speech indicated that we need a reasonable Republican Party to balance with the Democratic Party. Must have missed that fair and balanced comment. He indicated that damage was being done by the extreme and conspiratorial MAGA wing of the Republican Party, not by all Republicans.

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