Dear Editor: Once again, I have been saddened by an article in your newspaper in the fact that that it has no facts, information or anything that can be called anything other than just plain hate. I am referring to the "My View" by Scott Thompson on Oct. 1. In this, I read no facts to sway me or to back up what he was saying. All I read was his hate of another person. This is not journalism, but what was used very effectively in 1932. I don't want to see our freedom of the press misused like this. If he or someone else has a point other than mine, then convince me with facts, not propaganda. This is an abuse of power in the worst sense.

And that is “My View.”


Dave Terrell


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Virginia Moss

One view and now another view which comes across as devoid of facts and supporting ideas as it complains about in the other view. An editorial is not journalism; it's opinion. I found the editorial quite reasonably supported.

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