Dear Editor: I have voted in every election in Georgia every since I turned 18. I am now 69. I produced proper identification and signed my signature every time with no problem. I voted absentee once this year due to the pandemic and still produced the required identity proof. I fail to see just what everybody is complaining about. Is freedom not worth the effort? I just do not see what the problem is that everybody is complaining about. We have a good, foolproof system that should not be tampered with.


David Terrell


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Virginia Moss

"I just do not see what the problem is that everybody is complaining about." Not everybody is complaining about our voting system. Apparently, it's only Republicans who need something to get upset about. They seem to need that so much that they don't care that it makes no sense. They prefer to cling to their imaginary victimhood.

I was very impressed with how Tracy Dean handled our elections last year and the year before in spite of the obstacles placed in her way. It was incredibly stressful for her and her staff, but they pulled it off with honor and integrity. Surprisingly, our state Republican election leadership did the same in the face of our now, thankfully, former president's attempts to criminally "fix" our election. The people have spoken and the people were heard in Georgia.

Roxanne williamson

How do you like your choice now??? seems you voted for all of us to be doomed

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