Dear Editor: Regarding Julie Buffalo’s opinion letter in the March 18th edition, I am infinitely appreciative of the amazing efforts of the scientific community to come together so swiftly and in the face of significant and unnecessary political obstacles, at least in this country, to develop the vaccines that are now available. Those obstacles need to be removed so that we can all get back to normal with a healed economy as fast as possible. I’ve gotten both shots now with total confidence. As a senior citizen I feel profoundly relieved. Everyone should sign up for an appointment and get their vaccinations at the first opportunity.

I want to thank Julie Buffalo for hanging in there on the front lines of our health care, exposing herself to great risk and withering stress. She is one of the millions of front-line workers out there, some dying, some getting sick, some quarantining away from family and friends, not just two weeks, but for months away from family and friends so as to protect them from their exposure to those who have gotten COVID-19. These medical workers have been dealing not just with COVID-19, but also all the usual maladies that we depend on them for our health and our lives. They are all the truest of heroes here in Madison County, in Georgia, across our country and around the world. I wish I could thank them all personally. Thank you, Ms. Buffalo!


Virginia Moss


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