Dear Editor: Frank Ginn doesn't have a public relations problem caused by Georgia Renewable Power (GRP). He has an ethical problem.

Ginn also has a competency problem. He not only failed to vet the bad reputation of biomass plants in general, he entered into a poorly conceived memorandum of understanding, borrowing large sums for which we the taxpayers are liable.

The remaining commissioners who went along should resign. They changed the noise ordinance so that the people in Colbert can't call the cops and they can't sue GRP, no matter how often the plant starts up or shuts down. When asked (Aug. 31) to change the ordinance back, all except Lee Allen just sat there! Theresa Bettis, Brian Kirk and Derek Doster need to go. They have demonstrated beyond all doubt that they are unfit to govern.


Harriet Gray

Editor's Note: Madison County commissioners discussed the county noise ordinance Sept. 14 and agreed to consider potential changes.

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