Dear Editor: I have seen many articles and opinions in The Journal about the biomass power plant. I join with the people throughout Madison County who oppose the burning of railroad ties at the Georgia Renewable Power (GRP) facility.

County residents are troubled by the irritating soot, odors and excessive noise. They are concerned about the effects of this facility’s operation on their land, their water, and their health. Burning railroad ties is illegal in several countries and some states, and many health organizations such as the American Lung Association and American Heart Association are opposed to biomass power plants.

Like many of our citizens, I believed GRP when they promised a facility that burned only clean wood. Our county commissioners and the Industrial Development Authority also believed that promise. But now that promise has been broken and the health and peaceful lifestyles of our citizens are at risk.

Where are our leaders (the county commissioners and the Industrial Development Authority) on this issue? They have the responsibility to protect the health and safety of Madison County citizens. Instead, it appears they are standing on the sideline while the citizens express concerns and outrage.

Our commissioners have a responsibility to stand with the citizens they are elected to represent. I ask and demand that our commissioners lead the fight against GRP and their outrageous decision to burn railroad ties and ignore the health and safety of the citizens.


Conolus Scott, Jr.


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