Dear Editor: As you well remember, there was a fierce battle that many had to go through to get a bill passed to ban the burning of railroad ties. The bill was passed and we are all able to breathe a little easier. Everything is kosher and good to go with Georgia Renewable Power (GRP) right? Wrong!

Every day we have to listen to the noise from GRP. When we open our back door in the mornings, we are blasted by the noise. When we go outside to go to work, we are blasted by the noise. When we get home and get out of our vehicle, we are blasted by the noise. Sometimes when we are watching TV, we are overwhelmed by the noise from GRP and our windows will sometimes rattle. We cannot enjoy just being outside.

On Christmas morning my wife made the comment: “I am so glad we don't have small children because they would have been frightened by the noise being made by the GRP plant last night. A small child would think it might be some sort of monster." I agree with that comment because I was awakened just the other night at 11:05 pm by such a noise from GRP. It did not frighten me; it frustrated me. That particular night the decibels reached as high as 75 on my decibel meter.

Many nights since GRP has been in operation we have been awakened by various noises. There have been some nights that I would be awake at all hours because the noise would continue to keep me awake. How does a person perform on the job the next day from lack of sleep? What does the lack of sleep do to a person’s health in the long run? I think that is a no-brainer. Our health will decline at some point, sooner than later.

Some may say that the plant is not that loud, but you need to be in our shoes 24/7 to hear what we hear. But when people over two miles away can hear the noise, what does that say? The fact remains our quality of life has been destroyed. The plant is only a half a mile from us and no one should be subjected to what we are having to go through. I am not opposed to having business in the county, but I am opposed to having a business such as GRP right in my backyard. I urge the leaders of this county along side Madison Biomass (GRP) to put an end to this noise by whatever means necessary.


Ted Fowler


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