Dear Editor: We tear down statues of our national leaders (good and bad) from the past. We build statues and memorials to fallen felons and herald them to be heroes. Our leaders declare that rioting and destruction of the property of hard-working, taxpaying people is justified and punish any that would try to protect their property. This type of leadership will only lead this nation into disaster and collapse. Proverbs 24:24 has it right! “He (any leader) that sayeth to the wicked, thou are righteous; Him shall the people curse and Nations shall abhor him

There is much cursing, disgust, and nausea of the soul in America today. Our status on the world scene is as smoke that gets in the eye. Stop applying “social justice” and start following the constitution and enforcing the law. The message that we-the-people should send to our leaders is to always listen and let God’s word direct your steps and your actions and this nation, one nation under God, will be the strong witness to other nations that it was formed to be.


Phil Dougherty

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Ryan Harris

Sounds like Phil either thinks the US is a theocracy or really thinks that it should be one. Also, it's interesting that he's offended by "statues and memorials to fallen felons" and not by the authority figures that murdered the particular one he is referring to. Not surprising, but interesting.

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