Dear Editor: Madison County, the future is in your hands.

There is no doubt that Madison County is right in the path of exponential growth. Our location makes us a prime target. Both residential and industrial development is on the way.

What effect it has on the quality of life here in Madison County should be one of your major concerns. All of us need to keep our eyes and ears open so we know what’s coming. This knowledge will put us in a better position to voice our opinion on any and all development coming to Madison County.

The Madison County Clean Power Coalition (MCCPC) is doing more than trying to correct the problems with the Georgia Renewable Power’s biomass plant in Colbert. We, your neighbors, are concerned about preserving the rural nature of our county. This does not mean stopping development. It means making sure that any development that plans on making Madison County its home will benefit all of us.

MCCPC has a vision for the future of our county that is all inclusive. It is possible to have the right kind of development and growth and still preserve all the things we love about our county. To make this happen for you, your children and their children, it will take you getting involved now. What happens to our county in the years ahead will be determined by the decisions being made today.

Join with MCCPC and be part of those decisions. The current health crisis makes it difficult, but MCCPC is planning on having public meetings as soon as possible to plan for the future of the county. No one can do this alone. We need all of you to get involved, raise your voice and be heard. Visit our website,, and learn more about us. GRP noise survey results are available on our website

Send us your contact information or call one of members if you want to be part of our efforts to make Madison County the best it can be. We will keep you informed about what we all can be doing to make sure that the county we have chosen to live in stays the county we want to continue to live in. The future is in your hands.


Drago Tesanovich

MCCPC Co-Chair

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Virginia Moss

Excellent letter! This is not just about GRP. It's about the rural nature of our county that most of us want to keep. Business and industry can give us the financial boost we need to lower our taxes without ruining our pastoral peace like GRP has done. It's coming, faster than most of us realize, so now is the time to control it starting with a reasonable noise ordinance.

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