Dear Editor: I recently read Chairman John Scarborough's candidate interview published by The Madison County Journal on 5 May 2020. Under item three, in regards to challenges he feels he would face, he states the following:

"I believe our number one challenge is, and will continue to be for quite some time, infrastructure improvements. Many will have their own opinion with respect to the value and positive impact of the Georgia Renewable Power plant. What I would argue is the incredible value and benefit associated with the 12-inch water line put into place to support this plant — not to mention the three-million-gallon water tank and pump station (both county-owned)."

It is true that GRP has paid handsomely in taxes and brought about a handful of jobs. GRP's process of burning construction and demolition debris and creosote-treated materials, emitting toxins into our air and water, is impactful, but not in a positive light. The constant noise disturbances from GRP at all hours aren't exactly positives, either. As a Colbert citizen, what positive impacts am I missing?

What is the value of this (county-owned) water line should the GRP plant close? Who will pay for this water line if GRP, who apparently continues to face challenges with meeting regulations from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, and has historically been late on bills, is unable to purchase this water? Are there intentions for Colbert and beyond to become the county's industrial corridor? How does one reconcile the perceived benefits with all of these obvious risks and costs?

I'm all ears.


Leigh Ann Jones


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