Dear Editor: (In response to the Dec. 26 article, “RICO case alleges owners misrepresented power plants to investors.”) Had the county commissioners, along with state and federal officials, listened to their constituents' opposition in installation of this plant, we wouldn't have this and other nonresident business owners in the county wreaking so much havoc.

With the power plant ruining the air and downstream well water sources, and poultry waste dumping into the ground, our county is literally becoming one big pile of manure. And people are worried about cow poop gases?


Christine Brown

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Virginia Moss

These are serious concerns. I have even put up with the revolting smell of what I and my neighbors believe is hog slurry being applied to fields. We know chicken litter and that's bad enough, but the hog waste was intolerable. Fortunately, it only happened a few times and then stopped ........ so far.

Livestock waste is a problem but it can be a great fertilizer so it makes sense to recycle it, especially locally, but only if it can be made tolerable to others. Hog waste is truly toxic. The only solution is to stop eating pigs; no more pork. The same can be said for cattle; no more beef. Both are not healthy for humans and many people are cutting back as evidenced by a decline in overall beef consumption and maybe pork as well.

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