Dear Editor: The evermore rancorous tone of political discourse and the current slash-and-burn tactics of campaigns for office may well clear the ground for new sprouts of hope for a change to non-partisan status of every county level elected office.

Races for seats like county commissioner can well do without overrated, big-britches party labels and the 10-gallon excess of major party hats.

We could all be spared irrelevant spectacles like District 3 Commissioner Theresa Bettis’ post on the local paper’s social page (August 6 edition) that told of her White House visit to attend a Trump Campaign Kool-Aid party. That event championed mountain-top removal by big bad coal. It sneered at national fuel economy standards, and it grumbled, curmudgeon-like, about incandescent light bulb obsolescence. Geez, I thought Ms. Bettis held an office that dealt with local matters.

Locals riding Republican coat tails that trail all that way up the coastal seaboard may well be dragged through deepening pits of mud as the pace picks up this fall.

The whole Republican leadership has formed itself into a Titanic-deck band under the bonkers baton of their carrot-top caudillo. The only rational choice for a voter this fall is to go for the Democrat wherever one shows up on a ballot. At least Democrats have bothered to come up with a platform instead of blindly pledging allegiance to a modern-day Mussolini.

After the storm is over and all the right-wing demons have flown back to their bat caves, cooler heads, rational minds, and practical hands may just have a chance to rebuild what has been destroyed. The first best thing the locals can do is to sever the party label from every local seat.


Jim Baird


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