Dear Editor:

I am writing in as a response to the letters of Obama praise appearing Aug. 14. Mr. Hill, Ms. Massey, Ms. Tesanovich, and Ms. Tufts clearly have a strong opinion, but they seem misinformed when it comes to political matters. After reading their opinions, I almost feel as though the same person wrote them. They sounded like a broken record of the same, old rhetoric.

All touched on how bright young people are and the hopeful future they bring. I am part of these “young people” and when I look around at my peers, I pray they will shape up after graduation. Tesanovich stated that she is “inspired by the intelligence of young students and their drive to learn” at UGA. I am a junior at UGA studying both politics and journalism and interact with other students on a daily basis. Sure, they are intelligent, but most pay very little, if any, attention to politics.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Obama is a talented speaker, but he lacks the experience needed to run the country. He is still within his first term as a junior senator. The given political climate on the international scale is one that warrants a president who knows foreign affairs and policy. McCain, while older, has more experience with foreign affairs then Obama does in his pinky finger. Massey seemed a tad confused about foreign affairs as well though. Liberals such as her still argue Iraq is an “unwinnable war,” despite recent reports that the situation there is improving. She even claimed that Vietnam was “considered to be a civil war that we had no business starting.” I am not going to give a history lesson, but we did not start conflict, just merely got involved.

It is obvious that these writers are misinformed about politics and how the government really works. They all blame Bush for the state of the economy and even gas prices. The president has very little influence over the matter. I do find it hilarious that all saved plenty of space to bash Bush. I am glad to see that it is one area that remains consistent with those of the far left.

I would say that I hope that these writers wake up and see that Obama is not all that he appears. That is clearly the case since even the Democratic Party is fragmented over him. If he was such an amazing “hope” for the country, why would he not have the full support of his own party?


Alex Rebitch


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