Dear Editor: We want to thank all of the people who took time out of their schedules to attend the Madison County Clean Power Coalition (MCCPC) meeting about the dangers of biomass burning power plants.

We hope our goal of providing you with valuable information to better understand the possible health risks associated with the Georgia Renewable Power plant was successful. We also want to apologize for running out of time before we could get to the question and answer session. There were around 75 cards collected and each question showed the deep concerns you have about GRP. We are working on and will answer all of them. We will make the questions and answers available on our Facebook page and/or other sources.

The number of people who came to the meeting, over 200, should be a wakeup call to GRP, our county and state officials, and state regulatory agencies. Changes in the way that GRP is operating their plant need to be addressed. These changes need to be made now, not later! The citizens of Madison County are not going to go away. We live here.

The number of people concerned about the plant will continue to grow as more facts about the dangers are exposed. Every citizen of Madison County should be concerned about the operations at the GRP plant. Your neighbors close to the plant are being subjected to conditions that are unbearable. The noise, the smells, the lights, the toxic emissions and the worry about water pollution have already had a negative impact on the quality of their lives. Those who live a little further away may not have the same direct exposure now, but the long-term adverse effects of this biomass burning plant (GPR) operating for 25 to 30 years will eventually negatively impact their lives too. No one is immune from GRP.

The fight to force GRP to make changes will not be easy. Our best weapon is our voice. Please write, call or email your county, state and federal officials. Let them know about your concern. Their contact information can be found on the Madison Clean Power Coalition Facebook page. Demand our leaders take the proper steps to make sure that GRP does not continue to have a negative effect, now or in the future, on the health and quality of our lives.

Join the Madison County Clean Power Coalition and help make these changes a reality. Our next work session will be on Thursday, Dec. 19 at the Madison County Library from 7-8 pm. What to do next and assigning tasks to accomplish our goals will be the main topics at the meeting. Come and be part of this important effort. Your children’s children are depending on you!


Drago Tesanovich

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