Dear Editor: Access this YouTube link — — and listen to what we heard from Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 1:15 a.m. until dawn.

These reading were taken from our front porch not Georgia Renewable Power (GRP) perimeter. After the plant had tripped during shutdown and startup the emissions are not monitored or filtered. Thursday night the emissions were especially horrible, causing breathing distress, headache, disorientation and no sleep.

August and September has been bad anyway with strong chemical smells coming from GRP emissions. These odors have sometimes been blamed on the company on GRP property that makes fuel or biomass pellets from chicken manure. I haven't been able to find anything about this plant, Formulated Fuel, except a little on the internet.

I would like to know what they make and who they sell their product to. Are they burning their product at GRP? Is this the terrible and caustic odor that is burning our nose and throat? When are we going to get some relief from the noise and emissions? We desperately need our county leaders to help the residents living near GRP. Thank you for any information?


Cheryl and Mack Adams


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Virginia Moss

This is a real terror! I'm just so very sorry you neighbors have to live with this. It's all so wrong! Good to post on YouTube. You should add a narrative to it as a warning to anyone across the nation and the world to reject these types of "clean energy" plants.

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