Dear Editor: Superficially, Sen. Frank Ginn's Feb. 20 op-ed article asking whether we should ban plastic bags seems even-handed. However, like most information coming from the plastics industry, it only considers the environmental cost of manufacture. Compared with paper or cloth bags, the manufacture of plastic bags seems clean enough. However, Ginn (and the plastics industry) does not consider what we're left with.

Plastic bags will remain in the environment for literally thousands of years. At the present rate of plastic pollution, within a very few decades there will literally be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight). Thousands of years from now, most of our trash will be long gone, but our descendants will still be dealing with the plastic we throw away. Perhaps, archaeologists of the future will refer to this as the “Glad Bag Age” because Glad Bags® will have preserved so much of our plastic culture.

We have no right to leave future generations the mess we're creating.


David Vogel

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