Dear Editor:

The Declaration of Independence states that if “our government with a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces or designed to reduce them (us) under absolute despotism…”

In other words, if the federal government tries to hold office by force or without right and to rule with unlimited powers, the people have the right and the duty to throw off such a government and to provide new guards for our security. The federal government includes all those three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. This federal government is trying to redefine our Constitution (with their view to changes) so its interpretation will be more aligned to world decision by foreign governments.

Such would be the case of our Constitution and America’s taking a back seat to the Order of the World court, as America now takes a back seat by order of the United Nations. The U.N. dictates and demands the amount of money they want from the U.S.A. and openly shows their dislike of the U.S.A. Most countries in the U.N. openly hate the U.S.A. it is time the U.N. moves out of the U.S.A. and U.S.A. gets out of the U.N.!

It is time to place term limits on all federal branches. The executive to one six-year term including all of their executive branch appointees. The Congress (legislative branch) will be limited to one six-year term and forbidden to hold any federal office after their term expires (this is for Senate, for House of Representatives. They serve two two-year terms after which they can not hold any federal office. The judiciary will hold various terms and limits. The Supreme Court will hold a lifetime appointment until their 65th birthday then are automatically retired. All other federal judges will serve one five-to-10-year term after which they cannot hold any federal office. All appointees to the federal government who rule by their own decree who think they answer to no one but themselves because they aren’t up for election shall serve a four-year term, not eligible for a re-appointment and can be removed from office by congress at its discretion.

The time is now for the sake of America, our USA, to implement the dictates of the Declaration and replace 100 percent of the federal government using our Constitution as our weapon. This is my opinion on how to save America.

To be continued.


Pappy Skinner


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