Dear Editor:

I do not know the exact amount of people in Madison County who are Christians – maybe 75 percent? And then how many people know the Constitution and about the separation of church and state?

The two must be separate because it causes conflicts that are not needed. Outside the courthouse you have the right to say and put Christian messages and thoughts on anything that you own and that is good. When it comes to county emails or any material that is on county communications, that is not good.

After receiving an email from the county, I felt I was fighting not only the county but that they had God on their side also, stating, “the joy of the Lord is my strength.”

That makes me feel the county officials have the strength of the Lord on their side.

This needs to be removed from county email immediately. There is no place for this while conducting government work.

I am sure I can find someone to help in getting this accomplished, along with any other verse from the Bible used on government communications.


David E. Gentry


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