Dear Editor: Mr. Glenn Guest was certainly correct about President Joe Biden in his comments in the March 25 edition of The Madison County Journal.

It amazed me at the lack of responsibility Democratic voters used in the presidential election. How can one vote for a person who doesn’t get out and campaign, who can’t speak coherently, who spent so much time in his basement, who has a terrible record on integration? I guess they watch NBC, ABC, CNN who do not report news, but spread lies and propaganda. Now you have a President who opened the southern border to the world, who will raise all of our taxes to the highest levels, ever. Democrats, have you given serious thought to what this is doing to America? With such a weak President, you had better consider what other foreign governments are planning. You have a Vice President who thinks everything is funny. This is a scary time for America. Biden is the worst President in history, and Obama comes in second now.


Gene Lurwig


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