Dear Editor:

As for Obama, first of all, his changes include dropping the Bush tax cuts and raising three times as much and passing universal healthcare. This insurance is what other countries have and the reason they come here for healthcare. It’s no good! You have to wait for six to nine months to get into a doctor’s office for surgery and by then, you could be dead. I am not a child that has to have the government hold my hand and make decisions for me. I can make my own!

He’s friends with a minister who hates whites and Jews (Jesus was a Jew, so that means he hates Jesus). He’s friends with a terrorist and college professors that were communist supporters. Now that scares me! What galls me the most is people calling him the “Messiah.” Jesus of Nazareth is my only Messiah, not Obama. What do you people do? Bow down and pray to him? Not me! I don’t want to explain myself to God. As far as I know, Jesus has not returned.

I’m not a big fan of McCain either and had considered voting independent. But he does want to protect our country and I’m all for that. Better there than here in my own backyard. When he picked Palin, I definitely changed my vote. Even though she’s only running as VP (and being compared to Obama as president) she does have more experience. He’s only a senator who sits in a big room, saying “present,” “yea,” or “nay.” He has not made a big decision for his state. Palin was governor of a state and that’s more important than senator. In Alaska, she has gotten rid of the sales tax; depending on oil prices, given every family at least $2,000 a year and also an extra $1,200 a year per family. Sounds good to me! She has cleaned up Alaskan politics and is also for drilling in this country. Some have compared her to Pontius Pilate. He tried to save Jesus. He had a murderer up against Jesus, hoping that the people would pick him instead and it was the people who wanted Jesus put to death, not Pilate.

There is always something about either party that you don’t like, but you have to pick what’s important to you. The issue of abortion comes up and so far, no president has touched this touchy issue. Even if one does in the future, whatever passes, it goes back to each individual state to decide what is done. So keep that in mind. Children should be kept out of this. No matter how good you raise them, they have a mind of their own and you cannot handcuff yourselves to them to make sure they are living the innocent life. It’s their life and their mistakes. So leave them alone.


Teresa Christian


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