Dear Editor: The Georgia Renewable Power (GRP) biomass plant has brought many unwanted consequences to Madison County and to the Colbert area. One of the many problems with GRP is the never-ending noise generated by the operations there. Madison County Clean Power Coalition (MCCPC) has been made aware of many complaints regarding the noise and the negative affect it is having on the citizens in the Colbert area. We have made several attempts and proposals to open up a dialogue with GRP that might lead to a reduction in the noise. GRP’s answer is perfectly clear. To this day there has been no noticeable reduction in the noise pollution at the plant. This assault on the people living in Colbert and the surrounding area must stop!

As a result of the lack of a response by GRP, MCCPC will be conducting a noise survey in the affected area. Our goal is put a real number that represents just how many people are being affected by GRP’s noise pollution. We know there are many residents who are being negatively impacted by the noise and we want to hear from all of them. We want you to add your name to the list of people demanding that GRP take the necessary steps to reduce their level of noise pollution. Participation in the survey by everyone affected will put us in a position to finally get GRP’s owners to do something. With this information we hope that GRP will finally make the necessary changes needed to reduce their noise pollution. On their own, or by being forced to this has to be done.

By the end of January many of you in the Colbert area will be receiving our “Stop the Noise” postcards. You’ll easily recognize it by the picture on one side. The postcards explain why we are conducting the survey and give instructions on how to complete it. When you receive the postcard please take the time to go to the survey and answer the questions on it. It will only take a few minutes of your time. If you are bothered by the noise from GRP and do not receive a postcard the information about the survey and how to participate in it can be found on our website: on our Facebook page. You can also leave a message at: We will make sure you get the information and that your voice will be heard.

Stand with your neighbors; complete the survey


Drago Tesanovich

MCCPC Co-Chair

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