Dear Editor: The rest of America and the world are getting an inside view of the complex and colorful fabric that is our State of Georgia. On the political stage we give them a wise and thoughtful pastor who grew up in the projects of Savannah, a privileged young man who could have chosen a comfortable life of the wealthy and well-educated but instead has thrown his hat into the public service realm, and a delusional woman with a moral compass that has no due north.

Earlier this year we celebrated the life of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, a man who devoted his life and his talents to making his adopted state and the world a better place. When the eyes of the world are on us, they will find what we already know: that Georgians are capable of being good and decent servants to our fellow humans, and at the same time we are capable of lunacy.

Flannery O’Connor also knew this and wrote about it a long time ago in stories and novels. Marjorie Taylor Greene is straight out of any of them. I can see her and Hazel Motes arguing at the Waffle House right now, while the cook behind the counter prepares their grits and coffee. Mr. Motes takes his coffee black; Ms. Greene takes hers with a hit of LSD warmed by a zap of Jewish laser beam. Quoting Mr. Motes: “Your conscience is a trick, it don't exist, and if you think it does, then you had best get it out in the open, hunt it down and kill it.” Ms. Greene doesn’t look up; instead, she sends out a Tweet about aliens congregating in the Waffle House bathroom.

Unfortunately, Ms. Greene is not a caricature, she’s a congresswoman, a person who needs to be escorted out of the capitol and back to her home in northwest Georgia where she can spout and spew all she wants in her own basement, far from the hallowed halls of the democratic rule of law even while she is protected by them. There is someone better, more qualified, and more capable of representing the 14th District, I just know in my heart there is. In the meantime, let’s hope everyone outside our state’s boundaries will concentrate on the likes of Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and Henry Aaron, three very different people who represent some of the best of what we Georgians have to offer the big wide world.


Melissa Tufts


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Virginia Moss

At least we have two out of three instead of one or none out of three like so often happens in Georgia and elsewhere. The problem seems to be the nature of public office. Why would anyone with good enough skills bother to put themselves out there for abuse by the public, in some cases even death threats? It's gotten so bad now that the only ones who run for office are the passionately dedicated and skilled (in serving the greater good) or the bottom of the barrel, not much in between.

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