Dear Editor: Since there have been no articles complaining about the noise from Madison Biomass (GRP), I would imagine the rest of the world may think that everything is just fine. Those of us that live close to the plant, like myself about a half mile are still having to listen to the noise.

While most of the county was having a good night’s sleep we were awakened at 1 a.m. Saturday morning by the loud sound of pressure being released. This went on for an hour stopped and started back. At 1:15a.m. I measure 77 decibles on my back porch, 46 inside my house. Needless to say I did not get a good nights sleep. So no everything is not OK with Madison Biomass. We still have to put up with their noise. Again I would like to thank those responsible for putting that plant in our neighborhood and making our lives miserable and taking away our quality of life. Please don't do us anymore favors; well just one stop the noise.


Ted Fowler

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Virginia Moss

These people have suffered long and horribly! They have fought to exhaustion and made real changes to state law to protect the rest of us. They are still fighting to protect the rest of us through efforts to stop GRP from further degrading our environment. They have lost huge value in their homes. They have completely lost the quality of life they worked so hard for in Madison County. Past county leadership did this to them! They could just as easily have done it to any of us, anywhere. It could happen again, anywhere, especially when some of the same leaders are still in power. Who's next? You? Me? My home? My quality of life? My health? Yours?

The least we can do is support their organization if with nothing but money. Send a contribution to Madison County Clean Power Coalition at P.O. Box 13, Colbert, GA 30628 ( Next, pay attention to what county government is doing and speak up when you see problems even when they don't directly impact you. Be smart about this sort of thing. Lots of changes are coming to Madison County in the very near future and beyond. Pay attention!

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