Dear Editor: (This is an open letter to District 47 Sen. Frank Ginn.) I read with interest your opinion piece in the Feb. 20 issue of The Madison County Journal. Senate Bill 280 is definitely one that I would encourage you to support. The environment is of great concern to my family and me and we support any measures that will reduce plastic waste on land and in the waterways. We have been using reusable shopping bags for over a year now. There are so many things affecting the environment today that we have no control over, but not accepting plastic bags in stores is one that we do.

My father worked in the paper industry his entire career. Your point about chemicals used in processing paper is a valid one. However, the trees that are used to make paper are grown as a crop. Old growth forests are not destroyed in the process. And, paper is biodegradable. For dry trash, paper bags work just fine. In the long run, I'm not sure that, if you take the entire process into account, making plastic bags is any less harmful for the environment than paper.

I’m 100 percent behind banning single use plastic bags.


Maggie Sjoberg

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