Dear Editor: Mr. “From the Right” Terrell, as he so often has in the past, has his facts wrong. I address only a few of his sadly misinformed answers to his question, “What do Democrats want?”

The infamous phone call and its transcript were not willingly released by Mr. Trump. They were released only after the patriotic whistleblower sounded the alarm.

Witnesses who testified in the House of Representatives under oath did their duty to tell the truth and are worthy of our respect. They are not the ones to be condemned for answering a subpoena.

Mr. Schiff, a lawyer by training, was as well prepared as those defending treason.

To cite Fox News as a source of journalistic inquiry rather than opinion and tabloid barking that it is, shows poor judgment and a lack of curiosity on Mr. Terrell’s part.

To answer the question:

What this Democrat wants are those things that create and sustain a democracy: freedom to gather without fear of being gunned down, sensible immigration policy and taxes that pay for education and health care, much like what other democracies have. Mr. Terrell’s “dangling carrots” are in fact bitter fruits. The possibility of a healthy, educated populace is not some kind of dream. It lacks only the commitment of engaged voters to bring it into reality.

Democrats I know don’t stuff ballot boxes, cheat to win elections, or favor open borders.

To call Democrats liars because we seek clarification of repeated bad behaviors and attitudes by this Administration takes us down the path the Republican Party and its leaders have set us on, one which debases our institutions, demoralizes our diplomatic corps and intelligent agencies, and demonizes any citizen who dares to question their morality.


J R Buffalo


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