Dear Editor: After reading in last week's edition of The Journal a letter to you from Mr. Gene Lurwig, I decided to write this one. My thanks to you Mr. Lurwig for being interested in our country's future and brave enough to write your letter in which you urged conservatives to get involved in the political process.

Apparently those who voted for the Democrats prefer Communism over our way of life. It is obvious, based on Biden's 40-plus dictates by executive orders, the Biden regime will do their best to take away our freedom of speech and religion, our right to be armed to protect our families and property since 1789 when the Constitution was finally ratified.

But meanwhile, Journal editor Zach Mitcham shows his concerns about our country's dilemma by writing long editorials about his problems keeping track of all his mementos and Margie Richards uses her talents to tell us about her favorite color. That really soothes our concerns about losing basic freedoms we and our ancestors have enjoyed over the past 240-odd years. The publisher and others that also "work" for the Democrats are most likely "virtualizing" at home and drinkin' that "Sweet Bubbleup" and sippin' that Rainbow Tea."

The dilemma is this: Apparently one of every four Madison Countians, a majority of Georgians, and 55 percent of the US citizens want the Democrats and liberals, socialists and communists to be in charge of the government, which sets our policies on every issue of importance to its citizens. I am 84 years old and have been keeping up with what is going on in this country since 1962.

The moral decline of this nation has been going on since the 1960s. I borrowed the following text within the quotation marks: "You turned from God. You turned from family. You turned from country. You embraced degeneracy culture. You celebrated and looked to fools. You worshipped yourselves selfishly as you took for granted what men died to give you. You disregarded history and all it teaches. On your watch, America just died a little. It’s likely she’ll never be the same again."

“Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, ‘Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?’”

Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

"Ladies and gentlemen, you will now lose your Republic.

Some of you have no idea what you’ve done. Sadly, some of you do. God help us all."

I agree with those remarks completely.


Glenn Parham

Tallahassee, Fla.

formerly of Madison County

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