Dear Editor: It was a surprise when our daughter phoned the other morning to tell us that "something was going on" at the Georgia Guidestones. Later we learned that the Guidestones had been severely damaged by a bomb and because of the damage had to be demolished completely.

The granite monument that was called the Georgia Guidestones had stood near the Elbert and Hart county lines for over forty years proclaiming a message that was supposed to guide us into a better world. The message contained in the inscriptions that were upon the Guidestones sounded good to most people who quickly read them without considering the implications should they actually be implemented. Let us take a few moments to consider some of those implications.

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Allyana Ziolko

It is more offensive to me that a person should decide for *all of us* that this is not worthy and should therefore be destroyed. That, in itself, tells me that it was necessary. "Satanic" is destructive. Whoever did this was destructive..

Virginia Moss

Anyone can see whatever they want to see in anything in order to match their own feelings and needs. What is it that this preacher is feeling and needing? Seems like a whole lot of fear, hatred and anger. Or maybe not and it's just a way to retain his flock in order to keep his job.

Christine Brown

You certainly have your ideas as to the meanings, but I certainly didn't read these the way you did. I do not see anything Satanic in any of these. More to me like common sense teachings. And yes, though it might not seem like it at times, I am a born again, washed in the blood Christian.

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