Dear Editor: I've read several articles since Donald Trump threw the entire Republican Party, including his family, under the bus for his own attempt at selfish personal gain without understanding or caring about the laws of our country. Right now I'd like to throw Trump under a bus. That's the part the left won't hear because they are too busy saying, "I told you so!" or "everyone saw this coming" or even worse the comments of many high ranking Democratic Officials to everyone on the right "this is your fault and you should be shamed, punished or boycott/banished.”

The growing extreme view of blame and perceived culpability should be further examined before we become a permanently divided nation.

Most of the right don't think Trump was like a king (excluding the last month’s train wreck), nor did we want or worry about him functioning as a king. Despite what some may think, Trump used Executive Order no more or less than his predecessors and he was the least warmongering president in modern history. I think a good quote on how Trump was viewed or not viewed is "the right takes Trump seriously but not literally; the left takes Trump literally but not seriously.” This statement summarized a lot of difference in feelings and interpretation of Trump's actions versus words. Some looked only at actions while others looked only at words. Now those views are off the table and we will only look at the month of January 2021, nothing more, and the left will make sure that's the case, their permanent narrative through a trusted partner, the media.

The right views the media, that is no longer objective journalism, a tool of the left and Big Tech is the protected gatekeeper of media. Big Tech has more power than our President and Congress combined. Many worried about Trump acting like a king, yet Trump is out of power. Big Tech tells us whether and how we can engage in commerce, what we can read, tells us what we can say, or if we can speak at all. Like many other businesses Big Tech is a political activist who lives and reigns under all administrations. It is the real king with the media its anointed bishops.

Our newly elected president lays blame for the violence of the Capitol on Trump and rightly so. He doesn't stop there and neither do many on the left. They lay blame on 70 million people who voted for Trump with impunity and hypocrisy. Blame of all for the violence of a few thousand while allowing millions to fan the flames of violence through protest, looting and rioting over the past months, destroying public and private property by the billions and ignoring "the science" Covid measures in the process without consequences or a single admonishment by the left or the media. There are calls by the left for the removal of legally elected representatives and Senators over rhetoric; calls to blacklist former Trump Administration. McCartheyism has been reborn. I don't recall this level of blame at the entire Democratic Party when war was declared on the police by BLM protesting (Dallas July 2016) where five police were murdered and nine injured immediately after President Obama encouraged BLM protests fanning the flames of violence mere hours before the attack occurred. Remember that? Rhetoric of our political leaders is not new or unique as there are countless examples on each side. Did Obama cause those police to die? He didn't. It was the reaction to his rhetoric.

Blame will remain a tool for Democrats for years to come and will yield consequences unknown. Blame is an interesting topic related to Germany in World War 1. It was extreme blame and punishment with its reparations of the Treaty of Versailles that, through a thoroughly neutered populace, led to the birth of Hitler.

Our real issues on the right aren't taxes, guns, church...etc. It's cultural change and forced cultural norms. The right rejects politically correctness and cancel culture while those on the left embrace these tools of forced change. The right is tired of the blame game of "racism," which has lost all meaning. With an abundance of proof, the politically correct movement knows no boundary. It has developed its own language (systemic, whiteness, community, collective, equity, decent, insecurity...the list goes on). Not speaking this language currently castigates you as among the "unwoke." Where does this end? For example, most were ok with whoever marrying whoever through the state not a church. After we listened to this issue and changed but you added an army of letters to assault us with and demand more and more rights and special rights not afforded to all. Same sex marriage morphed into transsexuals' rights for adults and now for transsexual rights for children? I'm sorry but some of these ideas just seem downright strange to the right and there seems to be no endgame with every agenda of the left.

Political correctness is an enemy to all of the freedoms that the right has defended and many died defending. I now wonder "when will we wear our yellow star like the Jews were forced to do (Paris 1942)?" The answer is we are already wearing it and have been. Speak your opinion while owning a business and risk being boycotted, being burned to the ground, a forced sale, or at work, lose your job. We already wear the yellow star and every day on social media the left pins it to our forehead. We are censored in theory and fact and you wonder why we are adamant about limits on something like gun control?

If the left wants to offer an olive branch, it can't be doused in gasoline with a flame lit under it. The left can have their yellow stars back and they can keep their own social media. Permanent division is largely in the hands of the left.


James Cline

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