Dear Editor:

Happy Birthday, Ms. Hissie. That is Ms. Hissie Fit. Liberals have been having a non-stop hissie fit since Mr. Trump was elected president. Your paper has been a good example of this.

Editorial after editorial your writers have whined and complained. Your paper even ran full page ads claiming you not to do fake news. Technically, this is true, since you normally don’t report on national news and the fact that op-eds are not news. An opinion writer can put anything they want in print whether it is true or not. I, along with most people, buy your paper for the local news, sports and personal interest stories. I will be the first to say that your paper does an excellent job in these areas.

I had to do a double take to make sure Rachel Maddow was not writing some of the op-eds. Some of the writers are all consumed with Trump hating. They are self-appointed judges who have been self anointed at the alter of liberalism. I have always believed that only God knows who is truly a Christian. However, one writer seems to think they have the power to say who is and who is not saved. It seems that everybody who supports our president is evil. Even religious leaders who support our president are labeled sycophants. I have no idea if the writers are Christian or not. I have seen no evidence in their writing. Either way, they need our prayers. When the hissie fit started, it was comical. Then it got tiresome. Now, it is just plain pathetic. We survived eight years of Obama and will survive four-to-eight years of Mr. Trump.

I have a suggestion. Instead of spending all that time and energy on being consumed with pure hatred for our president, I suggest you use that energy for something positive. Remember that if you are trying to pull someone into the mud, you have to be the first one to get in. We have many people in our communities that need help. This could come in the form of food, clothing or many other things. There are many elderly living alone or in a nursing home that want nothing more than a short visit and a friendly conversation.

I work in an assisted living facility and can assure you that they realize that all this hatred is a waste of valuable time. Most of the writers are getting old, just like me. Time is too precious to waste on this nonsense. None of us know how much time we have left. We can be remembered as someone who did good and made the most of our life, or we can be remembered as a bitter and hateful whiner. The choice is yours.


George T. Pate


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