Dear Editor: This letter is addressed to the person who took my sign supporting Biden-Harris in the upcoming presidential election, the one posted on my property on Hwy. 191.

Since you are politically engaged and passionate enough about the upcoming election to remove a sign in support of the opposing party, I am going to name some of the things I think you might claim to believe in.

You believe in democracy. You believe in free and fair elections and in the rule of law. You believe in free speech and in the founding principles of our nation, including the notion that all people are created equal.

You believe in the primacy of capitalism and the fairness of a level playing field, that through hard work and following the rules one can do well in our society.

You believe in freedom, including the freedom to do the things you want and the freedom to be left alone. You believe in property rights and in one’s right to protect that property.

You believe in respect for our history, that the things that were important to our ancestors ought to be acknowledged. You believe in respecting our military service members, many of whom have died protecting these same things you care about. You believe that, all told, you are a patriot who loves his country.

Imagine you have a neighbor who believes these things just as you do and who supports the presidential candidate opposing yours. Your neighbor worries for his country just as you do. Day after day your neighbor passes signs in support of the candidate he opposes. He passes ridiculous flags that suggest it’s the candidate himself who ought to be held up.

Imagine your neighbor driving past these things and not disturbing them, not because he does not disagree, but because he believes in all the things you do as well.


Michael Hill


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