Dear Editor: In response to the editorials written in last week's paper about the presidential election, while Trump may be out of the White House, "Trumpism" is alive and well.

I truly believe a significant portion of the vote against Trump for President was over his tone. But the dislike for Trump as a person was not reflected in the down-ballot voting across a wide spectrum of the country, where Republicans won many races they were predicted to lose.

I would define Trumpism as a desire to see the interests of the average American worker put ahead of globalism. It is the emphasis on growth through less regulation and lower taxes, which arguably helped lead to the strongest economy in 50 years before the Chinese virus was let loose on the world.

Unemployment rates for all groups was the best in decades as well. Yes, Trump's rhetoric was over the top sometimes. But I believe the reason over 72 million Americans voted for Trump was that his actions spoke louder and clearer than his tweets. He actually did a lot of the things that other Republican candidates and office holders just campaigned on. I wonder what direction Biden is really going to go?

According to many, he won the primaries because he wasn't nearly as far left as Warren, Sanders, O'Rourke, or Harris. But he chose Harris as his running mate, the senator with the 10th most progressive voting record according to Progressive Push. My opinion is that Biden will not be able to be a "centrist" even if he wants to be. He owes too much to the progressives and they know it. The far-left Congresswoman Cortez of New York even publicly stated in an interview in September, "we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues.”

I hope I'm wrong, but time will tell (and shortly) whether he will be the Trojan Horse for progressive socialism that I think he is, or if he will actually govern along the "moderate" premise that got him elected. Or maybe he will just go around that Democratic "big tent" handing out political favors like 51 flavors of ice cream. I think it's now the progressive wing that are guarding the entrance to that "big tent.” Will Biden have the acumen to actually govern or will he be governed by the ones that propelled him over the top? The cabinet choices he makes in the next few weeks will tell us a lot. I don't have high hopes.

One thing is a near certainty: the media will make sure that any problems during Biden's first year (and likely his whole term) will be loudly blamed on President Trump. The shielding by Biden's staff from tough media questions will also continue, so I expect we'll hear more intuitive questions like, "President Biden, in light of your stance on climate change, when do you foresee transitioning to a total electric Air Force 1?" Easy answer: "C'mon, man!"


Mark Jenkins


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