Dear Editor: I would like to offer an indirect rebuttal to Scott Thompson’s column. I will write some issues and values in two groups that have no labels. I will leave it up the reader to supply a label and to assign themselves to a particular group.

Group one:

•Take more money from citizens by raising taxes. Government will decide how to spend our money.

•Allow grown men in girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms.

•Allow biological males to freely compete in women’s sports, often shutting the genuine females out of championships and scholarships.

•Allow preborn babies to be killed for any reason and at any time during pregnancy. Make the taxpayers pay for it. Only some babies have value. Others are trashed.

•Any sexual deviation or perversion is allowed and celebrated except pedophilia.

Confusion of gender or orientation is forced to be accepted on the general population as “normal.”

•Anyone who disagrees with your group is attacked in every way possible and is “canceled.” Any viewpoint in opposition is wrong and must be silenced.

•Force places of worship to close or put very low limits on people allowed to attend. •Allow large stores, casinos, bars to remain open with few restrictions.

Group two:

•Cut taxes. Citizens will get to spend or save their own money.

•Keep men out of girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. Keep our daughters safer from predators.

•Preserve the progress and equity women sports have made in many decades.

•All humans, preborn or not, are valued and are supported in their constitutional right to life.

•Sexual deviation and perversions are considered a disorder and should be unacceptable. Psychological and spiritual treatment encouraged.

•People are not forced to accept things that are offensive.

•Free speech is welcomed. Opposing viewpoints are to be expected and discussed and argued peaceably. Find the truth wherever it may be.

•Use logical, safety guidelines that apply equally to all.

I could make the list much longer. These issues/values transcend any one person and are critical to the question to our nation — How then should we live? Or more simply, do what is right. Let’s think and talk about it.


Joe Costyn


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