Dear Editor: In response to the article in the Oct. 8, 2020 Madison County Journal ‘’Chairman’s powers reduced,’’ the first thing that came to mind was, “What is this board covering up?”

Commissioner Tripp Strickland cleared it up when I read the whole article. His statement that some county employees are worried about their job was the reason for this change in power. It would seem to me that employees doing a good job for the taxpayer would not have to worry. If you are not, you need to go. This commission board, in making this change, has done an injustice to the county taxpayer, who you work for, and the incoming Commission Chairman Todd Higdon. I certainly hope this decision is reversed in 2021.


Gene Lurwig


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Virginia Moss

I agree with Mr. Lurwig completely so I won't have to write the letter I was going to write. I've seen many issues of lack of government transparency in Madison County during the 12 years I have been here. This change in policy seems clearly directed at Mr. Higdon; I can't see any other reason it would be coming up. It's so like the shenanigans the Republicans do, even within their own ranks, unashamedly. The powers of the commission chairman should be set in stone from administration to administration. Our commission should do this setting carefully in the next year to never change again except for super good reason.

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