Dear Editor: Thank you to Margie Richards for your Nov. 12 column, “Moving on after a divisive, hurtful election.” As she so clearly stated, "If our democracy is to survive, we have to respect the process."

The two Georgia U.S. Senate candidates obviously don't respect the process. I could not believe my ears when Loeffler and Perdue attacked one of their own and called for the resignation of Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. They slung false accusations of election fraud backed by no evidence, apparently because they didn't like the outcome of the election where in fact, the election went smoothly with a record turnout of almost five million Georgia voters.

I respect that Raffensperger upheld the duties of his job over his political party. In addition to possibly wrecking Raffensberger's political career with their false claims, Perdue and Loeffler are delegitimizing the entire democratic process for their own personal gain. That's why I'm voting against Perdue and Loeffler in the Jan. 5 runoff. Like Margie, I want the divisiveness to end. I want the gridlock in the U.S. Congress to end. I want to see morality and truth restored to our government.

Furthermore, I wish to thank Tracy Dean, the Madison County Board of Elections staff, and all of the volunteer poll workers who worked tirelessly and with integrity, putting their own health at risk, to ensure that every Madison County citizen could exercise their right to vote.


Ruth Ann Tesanovich


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Virginia Moss

Yes, like Trump, Republicans will throw their own under the bus in a heartbeat. It's the Trumpiest thing to do ever. This cult needs to end and never rise again. It is destroying our country.

And, yes again, for the great job Tracy Dean and her team has done in Madison County under extreme and unnecessary stress. She pulled it all off no matter what was thrown at her. And she's still at it for a while longer.

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